So I’ve watched the final episode of Magikano.

It was interesting. I like the whole magical action and the battles and everything but it came to this one part that just astonished me. I watched that certain part with a face that said, “What?“. See, what happened was, Ayumi entered the magic sphere that Haruo was creating and Haruo threw rocks at her. Yes, rocks. So her Neko panties helped her out by shooting beams of magic at them. But wait. There’s more. 😀

Haruo a.k.a. the Demon Lord then decided to throw a gigantic boulder at her. Ayumi, after a flash of magic, realized that she was still alive and the massive rock has disintegrated. She realized that it was the Neko panties she was wearing that saved her when the said ripped up underwear started slipping down her legs.

Then they had a touching moment -Ayumi and the dying Neko panties slipping down her legs. The underwear commented on how Ayumi never liked wearing him anyway and Ayumi disagreed with him. So the Neko panties just laughs and says in a sad tone how easily he came off before he finally slips off her legs, falls a bit into the oblivion below and bursts into flames.

Now, watching it happen on the TV with the whiny voices of the English dubbing, it would look a bit comical and it’s something you’d say, “What the hell?” to. But I’m a person who likes finding the deeper meanings in the things in life (be it my paranoid nature or something special), so I want you to think about it. Better yet, actually watch the series first. Sure a pair of undies might seem like something you wouldn’t take seriously but if you go over it in your head, it was a sad thing, watching it die just like that.

See, Ayumi and the Neko panties shared a special ‘bond’ between them. Something in a less literal meaning, obviously. No matter how much they bickered in the past Ayumi still agreed to put on the Neko panties before going into battle -protest or no because she trusts that he will be there to actually help and he did help her. In fact, he saved her life in exchange for his own. He protected her.

  • It’s the beauty of self-sacrifice in the midst of something people take for granted.

What’s more, he made Ayumi realize that while the Neko panties didn’t really want anything else but to be able to be there to help her, to save her, she felt the same way for Haruo. The Neko panties didn’t even care about dying if it meant he would be able to save Ayumi. The underwear made her realize that she herself didn’t care about anything else but saving Haruo.

  • It’s the beauty of desperation.

Maybe you might not think the same way I am right now. You might not agree and say that it was nothing but a comical scene with destroyed underwear and a girl talking to it. But even so, it gave me something to contemplate about. It gave me and probably other people like me the chance to find a deeper meaning in something we can all laugh at. It made me find beauty in the little, amusing things in life.


For me, ANIME is something that gives me sort of an escape from the harsh reality I’m living in. It’s a bit like fairy tales only the drama is more interesting. XD. Anime serves as an inspiration for me and I suppose it does for a lot of people, too. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are all hiked up about some recent anime shows like:

La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo (ran- 1 October 200625 March 2007)

Death Note (ran- 3 October 200626 June 2007)

Vampire Knight (ran- 7 April 2008 – 30 June 2008)

Reborn! (running- 6 October 2007- ongoing)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (ran- 1 April 2007 – 30 September 2007)

You get the picture.

Sure, I totally understand that these shows are great. I mean, I’ve got the DVD’s of the shows I’ve mentioned plus and minus a few more. They’re interesting. They’re modern. They’re funny and the plots are simply amazing. Either that, or simply cliched. You’d have to admit, there are a lot of anime shows now that just seem so predictable, that the only thing that keeps you watching is either the wonderful animation or the fact that it’s just plain funny -even if it doesn’t make any sense.

Seriously people, have you forgotten where exactly you started your journey towards the world of anime? Have you forgotten the who’s and the what’s that made you ask for more? Have you all forgotten about these anime series that made a mark on the history of anime?

Lalabel, The Magic Girl (1980-1981) Though this show may be a bit annoying sometimes, especially since the main character is a spoiled brat that can magic her way through almost anything, it does have it good points, too. It’s amusing, I can say that. And the Grandfather always has some moral to say at the end of every episode.

Hello! Lady Lynn (1988-1989) Here’s a story of how a young girl goes through a lot on her journey to become a lady. I’ve watched this and I’ve got to say, for a Shoujo anime, I’ve come to like it a lot. The drama of a little girl and how she just influences everyone and everything around her own intrigues me.

Daddy Long Legs (1990) Now this seriously had me anticipating each episode that came. The story of an orphan with the help of a complete stranger gets through life’s hardships and finds love. Aaaw. Though the animation wasn’t really as pleasing as I’d like because sometimes they just used the same scenes over and over again, the plot was clean, it was interesting and the twist at the end left my jaw hanging. XD.

Sailor Moon (1992-1997 with 200 episodes by the way.) How could you forget Sailor Moon? So many artists started out with Sailor Moon! Though I haven’t really watched so much of it because I’m not really fond of the whole magical girl transforming idea because the transformation always takes so long and it gets tiring. Sailor Moon kept me watching, though because… it’s just… Sailor Moon. 😀

Akazukin Cha Cha – (1994-1995) Another of those magical girl ideas with weird names. I mean, I wouldn’t really be threatened by a weapon called the, “Beauty Love Arrow”. Nonetheless, this anime left a special mark on me because of it’s humor and plot.

Magic Knight Rayearth – (1994-1995) C’mon, people, this is CLAMP we’re talking about. It’s not really something you get tired of.

Fushigi Yuugi – (1995-1996) Now, if you’re telling me you haven’t gone around watching this (or Ayashi no Ceres), in my opinion, you’re missing out. Watch it for a little bit of action and a lot on love, because I seriously think its main theme is love.

Clamp School Detectives – (1997) I fell in love with this series the moment I laid eyes on the characters. CLAMP is killing me with the awesomeness of their characters. The series is funny and heart-warming. The only thing I couldn’t comprehend is how Suoh (5th grader) and Akira (4th graders) had Kindergarten girlfriends… XD

Samurai X – (1996-1998 ) 8) Hello, Battousai, the Slasher? You’d never be able to forget something this epic.

Detective Conan – (1996-still ongoing) Now, if you haven’t heard of this, you’ve been living under a rock. The manga has been around since 1994. It’s got about 500+ episodes and 12 movies. The best part is that it hasn’t got the monotonous feel some detective anime shows have because of the deeper plot within it. And of course, the question still remains -Will Conan Edogawa return to being Shinichi Kudo?

And I’m sure we all still remember the more recent-but-not-so series, right?

Ghosts At School (2000-2001) This was the first anime that seriously freaked me out. There were a few episodes on this series that had me lying awake on my bed, paranoid for a few days. I loved this anime to bits, I swear. How could you not love watching something like this?

Detective School Q (2003-2004) This has been one of my favorites for a long, long time. In fact, it still is! I never get tired of watching this over and over again. Its like Detective Conan only a bit more colourful. XD.

Face it people, you’ve forgotten about these, haven’t you? You’ve stopped watching these already, haven’t you? Take a trip down memory lane. I may not have mentioned what anime you grew up with but I really think you should take the time to remember and have a sort of marathon night to “bond” with the anime that you started with.

Anime isn’t just some fashion trend that gets old and when it does, it’s not cool anymore. Anime is forever. 😀 They’re like diamonds only more affordable. XD.