An atheist is someone, to put it rather broadly/bluntly, who doesn’t believe in the existence of a supreme being. In other words, God. I know two people who are atheists. More of acquaintances but less than actual friends. A little while ago, I had a chat, a sort of interview with one of them -the one I’m a bit closer to.

Male, fifteen years old, studying in a Catholic school.

The first thing I asked was, “What’s it like being an atheist?” I now realize that maybe I put it a bit too directly but he didn’t seem to mind.

He answered, “It’s not all that’s cracked up to be.”

I asked him stuff like, if he chose to be an atheist and he answered that people can’t force you to be an atheist, but then I replied, “But isn’t it sort of like having religion? I mean, for now, our religion is being forced unto us because we’re not of age yet. Isn’t it the same thing?”

He just shrugged.

And everything sort of started from there. Denise joined me after hearing his answer. I asked why he didn’t believe in a supreme being and he said, “Give me an example of something you define your God to be.” or something close to that.

Denise said, “God is good.”

He said, “If he is good, then why does he create all this war? This pain? This suffering?”

I said, “If we didn’t have troubles, life would be boring.”

Denise said, “People learn through their suffering.”

Then he brought up another issue. “God gave us free will and yet he says that everything is according to his will…”

I finished his thought by saying, “Then what’s the point of giving us free will in the first place?”

He nodded in agreement.

Denise then said, “God gave us a choice.”

But then I said, “If God gave us a choice and yet he says that he knows everything already, then why bother giving us that choice in the first place?”

I thought, Why give us the choice when the outcome is something he planned anyway?

It was a rather enlightening talk. I asked him, “What if it was in God’s plan to make you an atheist?”

He answered something I’d forgotten but then he said something that ended with this, “…because He doesn’t exist!”

Somehow, it didn’t disturb as much as it probably should. Maybe because I knew He did exist. For my friend to say something like that without hesitation, and with such passion made me think. How many people do you see going around telling people, “I believe in God.”?

Then I asked him, “If you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in?”

When he didn’t answer, I said, “Since God is everything and you don’t believe in him then that means you believe in nothing.”

Denise said, “That’s sad…”

He then repeated, “Well, being an atheist isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.”

Jebbie came somewhere in the middle and started asking questions, too like, “Why don’t you try believing in him?”

He answered every question and I sort of admired him for having the courage to believe in not believing. I wonder if it’s easier to believe in nothing than to believe in something. Atheists compared to Catholics, who has a greater faith? The atheists who put all their faith in believing there is no God or the Catholics who put all their faith in believing in a God they haven’t seen? I’m going to end here because religion isn’t really a topic I’d like to discuss. Especially this because mainly, I believe that there is a God and I believe that what he does, he does because he loves us.

My friend, being the opinionated person he is… I wonder if he’s lonely.

Tell me, what do you believe in?