I just recently purchased Tsubasa Chronicle Vol. 16, 17 and 18, and I have to say that I absolutely love how it everything turns dark and how the atmosphere between all of them changes.

Warning: May contain spoilers.

Sakura finally gets exposed to something that actually endangered her life. She actually journeyed alone and found not only the physical pain of journeying and running from lost battles, but also the emotional pain of seeing firsthand how those mysterious feathers of hers are affecting the people in the other dimensions. Let’s face it people, she was pretty much a burden during the first few volumes because she’s just a magnet for trouble but at least now, she’s doing something. And she’s doing something now because she CAN.

It’s also a bit heart breaking to see someone like her to break like that -when the Syaoran she has been traveling with isn’t actually the original “Syaoran”. It’s hard to see her struggling over what or even who to believe now. She’s more confused than ever but at least now, she’s much more determined.

I love how even her character has some development. It’s a bit rare to see a main character like Sakura get any character development because they just seem to be made perfect.

-The relationship between Fai and Kurogane has improved so much, I can’t imagine what would happen if they separate. Kurogane has come to care so much about Fai so much that he was willing to do anything to save him. He was willing to become Fai’s “game” to keep him alive. He made a deal with the witch -a person he has never trusted- just to keep Fay breathing. I adore the relationship they have.

And we see now that Fai is breaking down, too. His usual care-free and smile-y attitude is slowly deteriorating. He’s showing his weakness only to find that it’s those weaknesses that make him stronger -especially with Kurogane always by his side. I’m happy to see that Fai trusts Kurogane to keep him alive. Hitsuzen, indeed.

Syaoran must be hurting a lot. When I say Syaoran, I mean the original one, because he’s the one who’s supposed to be Sakura’s knight in shining armor but it just wasn’t him. Sure he may be back now, but can he fix the damage that has already been inflicted -especially now since there’s another Syaoran running wild and bloodthirsty for the feathers through the other dimensions? And how are they supposed to feel comfortable with him when every memory they’ve had, the original Syaoran only saw through that eye of his?

What I’m worried about him now is what will happen to him and Sakura?

It’s a manga series worth collecting. It’s one worth waiting for. Don’t worry that it’s going too long, or some volumes are just getting too boring because now things are shaping up into scenarios when anything can happen. I mean, Syaoran just gorged Fai’s eye out. How can you tell me you were expecting that?

The art is still as beautifully consistent as ever.

The plot is wonderful.

The development is simply amazing.