Do you ever wonder what teachers do in their free time? What they eat, who they talk to, what sort of activities they actually take interest in (Besides studying, teaching or learning.). I mean, to students, they’re just the people who annoy the heck out of us by barraging into our heads a lot of things we don’t really care about. To students, they’re practically nobody.

They’re not friends, not matter what they say. They’re not the people we tell our secrets to., no matter how much they tell us that we can talk to them about anything. They’re not the people who we can genuinely laugh out loud with… simply because they’re our teachers. There’s only one or two out there that would actually be someone a student would feel be worth stopping to talk to and spend some time with, y’know, just hang out.

But then, it makes me wonder, do teacher’s think the same way? Do teachers think about what their students do when they’re not studying? What they take interest in? What makes them laugh?

Having hundreds of students, I don’t think they do. Having hundreds of students, I think teachers never really 100% mean it when they say, “You can talk to me anytime.”. To teachers, students are just the people they barrage a lot of things they probably don’t really care about. To teachers, students are practically nobody, too.

Do teachers think that there’s only one or two students out there that they feel is worth stopping to talk to and spend time with? If a student smiles at a teacher and hugs her, does the teacher consider her to be a friend already? Not a mere acquaintance, but a friend? Do you ever wonder if the teachers celebrate friendship day? When they’re at the faculty, do they exchange gifts? When they’re at the faculty, do they talk about retarded stuff and laugh about it?

Come to think of it, what do teachers find funny when they’re with other teachers? Do they make fun of students and laugh at them the way some students do? Do teachers blog or rant about their life to the internet or to other teachers? I wonder how many of them have a life outside the teaching business. Huh. Why do you think it’s so weird when a student sees a teacher in the mall?

I wonder what they think about when they figure out they’ve built a reputation of being the teacher everyone hates and fears. Do they really care about what the students think of them? Is it a, “As long as I do my job properly, I don’t care what they think.” kind of thing? Teachers are just so hate-able to students.

I wonder how many teachers whole-heartedly mean it when they say that the satisfaction of knowing that their student has grown to be a successful person is enough retribution for all the hardships they’ve gone through as teachers.